Cyprus Beer Run Challenge 2018 – 23/6/18 @Limassol Old Port


Limassol Beer Festival @ Yermasogeia in collaboration with MStasy Event Management, Yermasoyia Municipality, and Europa Uomo Cyprus presents the 1st Cyprus Beer Run Challenge ever in Cyprus!

It will cover a distance of 5km with stands along the route offering to the runner’s FREE non-Alcoholic Beer.

The Start Line will be at Limassol Old Port and the Finish Line at the municipal public parking of the tourist area of Yermasoyia.
After the finish line at Potamos Yermasoyia’s municipal parking, there will be a party with DJs, various shows from Gyms and Dance Schools and of course a lot of REAL BEER!!.

Participating at the 1st Cyprus Beer Run Challenge will help Europa Uomo Cyprus, supporting patients with prostate cancer.


Let’s make this a Fun and memorable Day.

Facebook Event:


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